Airship announces major innovations to its App Experience Platform | MarTech cube

Airship announces major innovations to its App Experience Platform |  MarTech cube

Revenue reports and industry research show that mobile apps are the digital center of the customer experience, generating more than three times more revenue from app customers than non-app customers. Despite this opportunity to create value, many brands have not improved app retention in recent years. Application teams remain too dependent on scarce development resources to make improvements that change this dynamic. Its a big problem:

  • Every week, three-quarters of mobile marketers and product owners think about improvements to better integrate, activate and understand app users, but 48 out of 50 rely on developers to make improvements.
  • Almost 40% of enterprise developers say that requests from marketing and product teams take a month or several months, and only 12% of enterprise marketers say that all their requests are fulfilled.
  • Despite all marketers and mobile product owners agreeing that feature tutorials and onboarding flows significantly influence app user behavior, nearly 50% of businesses improve these critical first experiences only quarterly or less often.

To address this bottleneck and help unlock more value, mobile app experience company Airshiptoday has announced significant innovations to its App Experience Platform, including a new core codeless native app editor simply called App Experience Editor. Together with Airships’ improvements in email marketing, cross-channel journey orchestration and intelligent content creation, application teams can quickly design, deploy and iterate native applications and campaigns without ongoing developer support or application updates. They can also unify the customer journey inside and outside the app to seamlessly improve the customer experience, allowing developers to focus on other market-differentiating app features.

After a year of success for brand marketers with Airships’ first code-free native apps, the App Experience Editor opens up ever-expanding, flexible creation options with A/B testing and experimentation, full design control, accurate previews, and dark mode support. Marketers and mobile product owners can now skip requests for enhancements in development, wait for app updates, or settle for disjointed HTML web views, and instead build and optimize high-value apps themselves with full native performance, availability, and measurement.

Airship also introduces a new experience called Stories, which automatically guides users through rich multi-screen tutorials, bringing the familiar social media experience to any in-app, news, or embedded experience. Additionally, brands can now combine surveys with scenes to collect first- and zero-party data when engaging and activating app customers.

Airships’ code-free editor allowed our entire team to build and optimize multiple app experiences across multiple screens in minutes, not months, without developer resources or app updates, which is absolutely critical for apps like SXSW GO that serve a very defined time period. period, he saidMichael Brown, Vice President of Innovation, SXSW. Previously, applications were locked and loaded months in advance, and on-the-fly changes had to be critical to even be considered. Now with airship innovation, numerous pre-made layouts and full design control, it is highly intuitive and flexible to optimize a wide range of engaging use cases. Native support means we can forget about HTML and trust that performance, measurement and availability are baked in.

Olio is an app that allows people to deliver food and household items to others nearby. With more than 7 million users and 120,000 tons of CO2 saved, it helps prevent waste by encouraging people to share or borrow instead of throwing things away or buying brand new, he said.Gareth Main, Director of Growth & Business Intelligence at Olio. Our mission is to drive behavior change at scale, which is why a deep understanding of users is essential. The Airships App Experience Editor played an important role in allowing us to build this understanding, allowing us to quickly deploy surveys in the app without involving developers. With consistently high completion rates, these surveys provide us with invaluable data at multiple points in the user lifecycle.

Airship Journeys provides a single place to organize customer journeys across applications and campaigns, offering at-a-glance performance visualizations and easy access to make changes with just a few clicks. In order to scale content testing and optimization, Airship enabled OpenAI within its message composer to instantly create infinite variations of content, including localized content in different languages. In terms of marketing offerings, Airship Email has received significant enterprise-grade upgrades that support comprehensive segmentation, personalization, and testing strategies, as well as deliverability monitoring, suppression management for compliance, and email rendering across hundreds of email clients, browsers, and devices . Marketers now have full design control with the no-code airship interface and drag-and-drop email editor.

Airship Coupons now supports individualized promo codes for highly segmented offers delivered to any channel from persistent in-app message centers and mobile wallets to ads, email and brick-and-mortar stores. The NBA Phoenix Suns are going paperless for special promotions with their official gaming partner, FanDuel, using several unique features of the Airships no-code App Experience Platform.

Throughout the playoff season, fans in the stadium will receive a $10 bonus bet on FanDuel if the Suns score more than 30 points in the first quarter, he said.Tramon Thomas, Vice President, Brand Digital & Social, Phoenix Suns. With the Airships platform, we can create and optimize end-to-end experiences without the need for development resources; from onboarding that supports opt-in to providing personalized redemption codes that can be easily retrieved from our in-app message center or via Google Wallet or Apple Wallet.

Airship is also proud to extend its first-in-the-market support for iOS live activity through Android innovation to ensure consistent and scalable live update experiences across both mobile platforms. Airship Live Updates for Android allow brand customers to pin dynamically updated information to the lock screen and notification bar. Marketers can now offer a similar experience to all their mobile customers, keeping real-time updates of their brands at the forefront around the clock.

Finally, Airship is introducing the Partner Configuration Tool, which offers a code-free user interface guide to easily integrate Airship with other solutions, connecting data and customer journeys across digital ecosystems. Between out-of-the-box connectors with third-party solutions, open APIs, and folding recipes for integrating inbound and outbound inputs, brands can get up and running quickly and never miss a step in meeting customer expectations in real-time.

Airship aims to make life better with better mobile apps. Consumers have high expectations for apps to deliver useful and personalized experiences that simplify their lives and save time, but many businesses struggle to deliver. Too often, half of the application team is dependent on the other, which slows everyone down. As a result, application teams fail to extend relationships from acquisition and activation to engagement and loyalty, where real value accrues, he saidBrett Caine, CEO and President of Airship. We’ve changed that dynamic by unveiling Airships’ codeless native app editor. Marketers and product teams can now finally take control of app experiences and campaigns to create critical first impressions and substantially increase and sustain value over time. We were entering a new era of customer experience at the speed of mobile devices, inside and outside the appTM.

To learn more about improvements to the Airships platform and its new code-free native app experience editor, register for the Dream Webinar on May 4th. Design. Deploy. Done.

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