Huawei Watch Ultimate Review – Comments

Huawei Watch Ultimate Review - Comments


I bought this watch and it’s perfect but huawei needs to go with software improvement, NFC using payment options. I hope the updates are activated


robi10101298, April 17, 2023rebranded watch 3 pro with better materials, EKG and better water resistance, otherwise it… moreSo you’re hoping for a better watch to come out next year that’s better than the new watch that’s already better than their best watch. And next year? Are you waiting for something better?


A spectacular smart watch with excellent build quality and stellar battery life. For many, it ticks all the boxes. Of course, it’s not for anyone sweating pennies.
Huawei has clearly found a niche in the market that no other manufacturer is worth competing for.


rebranded watch 3 pro with better materials, EKG and better water resistance, otherwise it’s the same watch 🙂
Thanks, but I won’t be buying this, I’ll wait for the Watch 4 Pro in the hope that it will be better, or rather in the hope that Sammy will bring a better design, not a watch that looks like a toy


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Goku412, April 17, 2023800 dollars? really? you can get a solar garmin

Well I wouldn’t consider the garmin solar a better option because the solar versions are over 1000 bucks and the garmin Fenix ​​solar isn’t even a smart watch in the sense that it doesn’t have a mic or speaker or EKG or great integration like wear os or track ios, but they are definitely better in fitness and mapping. The build quality and waterproofing is similar to top garmin watches and this huawei watch and huawei watch ultimate have satellite SOS, but all these little Huawei advantages are only possible in a perfect world. In fact, no one outside of China will get satellite SOS, EKG or any proper payment options. And Huawei Harmony OS is far behind Garmin, Wear OS and Apple Watch in terms of apps and support. I would say that if you need a smart watch, solar garmin or huawei are not good choices. Both companies are overpriced. But Huawei would have to drop this perfect watch to 300 bucks if they ever want to please Trump and sell it anywhere outside of China lol

You really need to RAISE your smart wearable reviews. They are little more than glorified pieces of puffed up paper.

– No heart rate accuracy measurement (versus Polar H10 in steady pace, weight lifting, HIIT, sleep and other scenarios)

– No SpO2 accuracy measurement (vs a decent medical SpO2 fingertip or lab instrument)

– No accurate measurement of calorie consumption (I’m sure you are aware that the range of error in kcal measurement can be 100-300%!!! This is just insane and can cause any displayed “calories burned” to be completely useless)

– No real battery usage / run time measurement

– No GPS / compass accuracy measurement

I can get 10x better Youtube reviews from channels that are barely 1 year old.

You can do better.


This is a very inadequate review 🙁
I wouldn’t even call this a “review” of the battery test because it’s missing crucial information about GPS timeliness. For example, if I take this watch on a hike – how long will it last with the GPS on? And how does one charge it (in the wild) Are there different modes (like in Garmin?)
Sure, scuba testing probably isn’t on the table. But swimming? How accurate is this watch when swimming? How applicable?
What about microphone and speaker quality? For example, if I’m in slightly cooler weather with gloves, can I answer a call using just the buttons? How well does it perform in windy conditions? …
And the massive elephant in the room – how usable and “smart” is this watch without a Huawei phone?

Really disappointing guys.


800 dollars?


you can get a solar garmin


too expensive for a fake watch. this is a fake Omega Seamaster


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Anonymous, 17 April 2023“Huawei Watch Ultimate goes much further and is the first smart wearable to be certified… moreWaterprofing is just a marketing point pushed to sell units trying to impress average consumers or people who look at spec sheets. No one seriously uses a smartwatch of any kind with diving and just gets a dive computer instead.


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No payment options for western users, so a completely useless option for anyone here.

Comically high price tags are becoming frighteningly common.


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“Huawei Watch Ultimate goes much further and is the first smart wearable to be certified for a depth of 10 ATM or 100 meters. This is organized diving”.. But the devil is in the details straight from the horse’s mouth: https: //consumer.huawei .com/en/wearables/watch-ultimate/specs/
Go to the waterproof level and you will see this:
*This product meets the requirements of EN 13319 for diving accessories and supports free diving to a maximum depth of 100m. It should not be worn in hot showers, hot springs or saunas (steam rooms) or during platform diving, high pressure flushing or other activities that include high water pressure, high temperatures, high humidity levels or fast water flow. water.*

So what’s a diving watch if you can’t even take it to the steam, hot springs, take a hot shower, or wear it while jumping off the diving board in the pool?
This is what people look for in a true waterproof watch because it happens a lot more often than diving and you forget you’re wearing it. I don’t trust Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch because of only 5atm, but I guess I can’t trust this watch either.
Also, the GW5Pro brought a lot to the table compared to the Watch 4, as it provides much better battery life (at least 2 days of heavy use, which is not far from your 4 days on this watch), as well as a titanium and sapphire finish with a much more advanced OS and functionality.

The depth gauge looks interesting. But what about the speaker volume quality on the Watch Ultimate? Not a single reviewer talks about how the speaker compares to its 10atm rating, say the GT 3 Pro.


Why pay 800 for a cheap watch that needs to be charged once a week when you can buy another equally good watch or even a new smartphone?


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namzap, April 16, 2023bruh that’s like my phone budgetThey know. They were almost going to outsource / have an American budget watch manufacturer make it for them (cough cough T*mex) but that company’s government banned them from working with a Chinese pro spyware company.
In the end, they decided to have the government company shoot them a computer-aided design for the capital H for the job completion. Now everyone will enjoy the world’s first communist approved spyware smartwatch! [ – belated 2023 April Fools day gag ] .


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Anonymous, 16 April 2023Copy Omega seamaster design…while Samsung and Apple copy 10 smartwatches for kids.


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48.5mm is big for most people. It barely falls into the reviewer’s hand.


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Copy Omega seamaster design


bruh that’s like my phone budget

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